ProblemSet3_Solutions - ECE 3025 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)...

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ECE 3025 Problem Set #3 (1) Problem 13.39 from Hayt/Buck (2) Problem 13.40 from Hayt/Buck (3) Problem 13.41 from Hayt/Buck (4) Problem 8.1at the end of Lecture Note #8 (5) Problem 10.1 at the end of Lecture Note #10
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13.38. (continued) From the diagrams, voltage and current plots are constructed. First, the load voltage is found by adding voltages along the right side of the voltage diagram at the indicated times. Second, the current through the battery is found by adding currents along the left side of the current reflection diagram. Both plots are shown below, where currents and voltages are expressed to three significant figures. The steady state values, V L = 0 . 5V and I B = 0 . 02A, are expected as t →∞ . 13.39. In the transmission line of Fig. 13.17, Z 0 = 50  and R L = R g = 25  . The switch is closed at t = 0 and is opened again at time t = l/ 4 v , thus creating a rectangular voltage pulse in the line. Construct an appropriate voltage reflection diagram for this case and use it to make a plot of the voltage at the load resistor as a function of time for 0
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ProblemSet3_Solutions - ECE 3025 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)...

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