92409 - CHARATER Doric-masculine Ionic- more feminine...

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Architecture 9/24/09 The Classical Language of Architecture Deep understanding of Modernism is only possible, it you have some grounds on Classicism. Classical Architecture is typically symmetrical and large in scale. To understand symmetry, you also have to know the unsymmetrical. In modernism, there is a move towards asymmetry. Classical arch. Is tripartite, with typical base, middle, top. Shows one of the ancient orders, or show traces of greco-roman influence. .. Beaux-arts Classicism 1890-1920 lavish, heavily ornamental classical style. Free-style classicism, inventive. Rustic Classicism Kitsch- worthless pretentiousness in art, any art of this type. Ionic, Doric, pyrinthean, and Tuskic
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Unformatted text preview: CHARATER Doric-masculine Ionic- more feminine Corinthian- exuberant look into the orders* approach classicism with a critical perspective. Elements of Architecture II : Scale and Proportion Notion of scale is easy to grasp, it has to deal with size, hor large does the object compare to the surrondins. Imoteph, first architect, designer of the Pyramids. Maya Lin, Vietnam memorial PROPORTION- relationship of sizes and dimensions. *golden section, golden ratio Le Corbusier and his figure scale. Cement and Concrete, cement is one ingredient of Concrete, its the binding agent. Elements of Architecture III: rhythm-...
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92409 - CHARATER Doric-masculine Ionic- more feminine...

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