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10109 - – Lighting in urban environments is a tricky...

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10/1/09 Elements of Architecture III Texture, Light, ans Sound - texture, pattern, structure are all integrated in architecture everything has texture, nature, etc. buildings should age well buildings are expressed through texture Order brought about by Geometry* Light Very important, it can be manipulated when designing buildings it is always changing throughout the day Phillip Johnson Light moves in certain ways if it comes in from the side of the building. ==Artificial Light== important at night or when natural light is unavailable.
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Unformatted text preview: – Lighting in urban environments is a tricky matter, it should be ideally, for creating an atmosphere. – ex.Hong Kong night lights on buildings. Color – some architects use strong color:Ron Keenburg – Destile color, engages geometric, anit-natural. – Painting and architecture merged on many occasions Sound – least discussed aspect of architecture. – Different rooms sound differently due to shape – sound can evoke different feelings of a place. –...
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