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91709 notes - -Objects and buildings can have human body...

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Architecture 9/17/09 Conventions of Representation - substitution of the real thing. We have to find other means to represent the architecture. - Floor plans/Architectural drawings, blueprints. - The floor plan is shown as if the house has been cut 1-2 meters from ground level. - Attention to details when looking at architecture Elements of Architecture - How do we discuss about ordinary objects?? - softness vs hardness - objects have their own characteristics (personality) - softness can work hand in hand with hardness - Solids and Cavities
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Unformatted text preview: -Objects and buildings can have human body notions.-Contrasting elements.-Like soft and hard, most buildings are a good hybridization of solid and cavities.-Pushing and pulling of space(?) Colour Planes-the colors can give the building a sort of feeling, the gazer can feel emotions due to the colors-the placement of planes can give the buildind Movement, Pattern and Rhythm (art III-self evaluation) *next week, read Chpt.5 of Experiencing Architecture. Brush up on scale...
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