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Archigram In the late 1960s, in some apartments in Hampstead, a loose group of dudes started to meet. They criticized projects and generally tried to escape the boredom of London architectural firms. Peter Cook, David Greene, and Mike Webb, started a new group. Peter Cook: More and More - More and more waste from consumerism. Here he wants to reduce waste. Through and Through - Always looking for new things, new clothes etc. Throwing away once their “welcome span” has been used up. This is the product of a consumer society, something we have to accept. This may be part of a developing human culture
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Unformatted text preview: once it has been accepted. West Minister- a non-permanent building has economy, austerity. Most building according to Cook is technically expendable, but they hide behind a mask of monumental. Housing as a consumer product- They are actually concerned with people, despite the exterior of their structural designs. Cities should be more humane, with every one contributing to it, everyone, not just architects, has creative capabilities. Here they talked about the machine for the living. Plug in City- a city of kits and parts....
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