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Yi Deng 997539944 EAS102Y1 Test #2 Essay Review This essay fairly follows the guideline set out in the question, and answers the question accordingly. Although the entire essay has many grammatical errors, the writer gets his point across, but the grammatical errors make the essay feel rigid. The writer outlines everything in the first paragraph, and the thesis is in there as well. He talks about four policies that Qin Shihuang put into effect, and although impeded by his lack of good English grammar, he makes good connections from one point to the next. Some examples of this are connecting the burning of the books with maintaining an uneducated, easy to control population, and the harshness of legalism leading to revolts and collapse of the
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Unformatted text preview: Qin dynasty. At the end of the essay, he gives his own views of what were the weaknesses of the dynasty. He only gave one solid opinion, which was the harshness of legalism, the other ones were just what he felt of the policies, and not what he felt contributed to the collapse of the Qin dynasty. Overall, the writer provides sufficient details in the essay, and generally follows the guidelines set out in the essay question. However, the poor grammar made the essay confusing, and I had to re-read some paragraphs. This paper, in my opinion, should receive a grade of B....
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