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General Chemistry (4th Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: 3.35 This problem flake. fer the determhlatieh CfiJJdiCE'E- fer several dir‘eetiefle in a hexagehal unit cell. Fer direction 151.. prejeetiem en the 31. 3:. and 2 axes are —a'. —e. and t”. 01’. 111 terms DF 3 311d 6 the prqeetiefls are—1:1. and l. T1115 menu-'1 that tr'=—1 t»"=—1 H-"=1 New. fl'em Equatiehe 3.6. the U, P; I. and Mir-dices. heeeme u=%er—vi=§teen—t4n=—% v=§eelud=§fieen—t4n=—% I H-‘=H-"=l New. in order to get the leweet aet {if integers. it 15 heeessmy to multiply all intiiees hf; the fatter 3__ 1with the iesult that the direction :"11-3 13 [l 133] directien. Fer dir‘eetiefl E, prejeenehs er. the 31. 31.. and z axe-'1 HIE —a. Ella. and DC, er, in tam-'1 Elf a and t" the prejeetitifls are—L III. and '3'. Thismeafle that tr'=—1 t» = [I H-"= D New. fl'em Equatienfle 3.6. the Li'_. F. I. and H-‘iJJtiiees become 1 . 1 _" f 1 JOE) ] 3 Hme—em=% I’JIH :I' r=—w—fi=4- I'H. _ '-._1 1. 3 wllhl PF: it" = D New. in order I: get the leweet -'.~et {if integen, it 15 heeeesmy te multiply all th-lCE': 113' the feete1'3, 1with the IEEU-lt that the direction E 11. a [El 10] direeneh. ...
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