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General Chemistry (4th Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: 3.43 This. problem asks that we convert [111] and {fill} planes into the four—index It’hller-Era'caia acherne: (Irina: for hexagonal cells. For (1 11]. 3'3 = 1: it = l_. and 1"= l, and: flora Equation 3.7". the value of} ia equal IE! r=—ta—a-]=—t1+1;.=—: Therefore: the [111] plane heeornea (1151}. Now for the {UTE-j plane. 31' = D, a = —l_. and 1"= 3. and computation of} naing Equation 3.? leads to :=—:a—aj=—[a+c—13]=1 aueh That (ah) become-3 (UTE). ...
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