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Abnormal Behavior - PSYCHE 101 Notes December 3 2009 1...

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PSYCHE 101 Notes December 3, 2009 1) Abnormal Behavior a) Mental Illness b) Criterion For Abnormal Behavior i) Deviance (1) Deviation from statistical/social/cultural norm ii) Dysfunction (1) Interfere with daily functioning iii) Distress (1) Causes significant suffering c) Mental Illness just societal? i) Some culturally bound disorders (1) Koro, bulimia, amok ii) Appear widely across cultures (1) Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia d) Diagnosing a bad idea? i) Stigma, Steriotyping, self fulfillment ii) David Rosenhan (1973) (1) Experiment where sane were labeled insane in psychiatric hospital iii) Advantages (1) Provides nomenclature (2) Treatment direction (3) Research advances
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iv) Paul Gordon (1967) e) Characteristics of Diagnosis i) Identifying some important aspect of the person (1) Not just sorting ii) Diagnoses tend to be highly reliable iii) Useful f) DSM-IV Classification of Disorders i) Axis I (1) Clinical syndromes ii) Axis II (1) Personality Disorders iii) Axis II (1) General Medical Conditions iv) Axis IV (1) Psychosocial Environmental issues v) Axis V (1) Global Assessment of function (GAF scale) 2) Mood Disorders a)
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