Personality Tests - o Free will is illusory Triggers...

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Personality Tests MMPI o Empirically derive test Which items distinguished two groups (ie: disordered or not) Only effective Q’s kept o Low face validity Ya can’t tell what its measuring o Strengths Good for differentiation among diff disorders Detecting unusual diagnoses o Weaknesses Not usefull for treatment planning Or diagnosing specific disorders High correlations among scales Rationally Derived tests o Begin with theory o Ie: MPQ Good validity o MBTI: Are you an ENFP Carl Jung’s personality theory Archetypes Most widely used personality test 4 dimensions/sixteen types Introversion, extroversion, sensing,
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o ENFP (Extraverted Intuitive feeling Percieving) o Most don’t get the same type after multiple tests o Poor predictive validity o Barnum Effect Learning perspective o Personality consists of behaviors o Shaped by Genetic influences Environmental consistencies Behavioral Determinism (skinner)
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Unformatted text preview: o Free will is illusory Triggers, stimuli o Unconscious processing o Learning & Personality Reciprocal determinism • Locus of Control o Degree to which one believes reinforcers or punishers are related to an individuals efforts and characteristics o Internal vs external Perceived control related to well being • Evaluating behavior personality theory o Evidence for importance of thinking o Behavioral genetic studies don’t support a big role for shared environment Humanistic Approach of Personality 1) Humanism: a) Psychoanalytic and behavioral personality is too dehumanizing b) As reaction: 2) Tenets of Humanism 3) Congruence of self a) Need for consistency in self perception 4) Source of dysfunction a) Incongruence b) Good adjustment 5) Rogers 6) Hierarchies of Needs (maslow) a) Healthy personality i) Self actualization b)...
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Personality Tests - o Free will is illusory Triggers...

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