Though Structures Etc - ii. 2.5 fold increase from 1990-95...

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Psyche 101 Notes December 11, 2009 1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a. Though Structures b. Methods i. Challenging cognitive distortions 1. Similar to “uncovering unconscious conflicts” 2. UT they’re aware of the core beliefs ii. Monitoring behavior iii. Practicing behavior change 1. IE record thoughts 2. IE record automatic thoughts 2. Is ADHD Over diagnosed? a. DEFINITION: Inattention and or hyperactivity, impulsivity that is more frequent and more sever that other individuals at a comparable level of development b. Inattention c. Overall prevalence i. 2-9% d. Well document increase in use of stimulants in the past 30 years i. 1% in 71’ to 6% in 1987
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Unformatted text preview: ii. 2.5 fold increase from 1990-95 iii. US prescriptions higher than other countries e. Over diagnoses i. Type I error 1. Detect a diff when there isnt one ii. Type II 1. Not detecting an error when there is f. What are the estimates i. Sciutto et al (2007) summarized 4 prevalent studies 1. Estimates related to non random g. Comorbidity i. Other disorders cause attention deficits h. Factors leading to OVER: i. False Negatives i. Gender differences 1. Girls less likely to be noticed 2. Less disruptive ii. Subgroup norms iii. Barriers to identification 1. Not a random sample iv....
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Though Structures Etc - ii. 2.5 fold increase from 1990-95...

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