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MIDTERM notes 2 ooo - the Real Presence of Christs body in...

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the Real Presence of Christ’s body in the Eucharist (John 6:50-55) my flesh is truly food and my blood is truly drink The debate of the presence of Christ’s body in the Eucharist can be traced back to a book written around 844 by Radbertus which defined the bread of wine of the Eucharist to exhibit transubstantiate qualities by changing into the real Body & Blood of Christ. This view would later become a Lutheran belief and was the catalyst for a schism between Protestantism and Lutheranism during the Reformation. Lutherans believe that the Eucharist is Christ’s Body & Blood regardless of the faith of the recipient, but the faithless must be wary of the wrath of Christ if they are to receive the Eucharist. Protestant belief continued to be one that considered the Eucharist to be a symbolic presence of Christ and nothing more. double predestination Predestination is a very serious subject from a Christian’s point of view. It is the parameters by which salvation is either earned or graced by god. During the Reformation John Calvin states in regard to predestination, in his “statement of doctrine”, the existence of double predestination. This non-orthodox view accepted that it is only by God’s grace one will be justified and it is also by God that
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