assign1 - Assignment 1: Introduction to the LRC Lab, Visual...

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Assignment 1: Introduction to the LRC Lab, Visual Studio, and C EE312 – The University of Texas at Austin – Spring 2010 Assigned: Thursday, January 21 st Due: Thursday, January 28 th , before midnight Value: 20 points (for successfully submitting a correct program to the assignment manager for your section before the deadline). Late submissions will receive a 0. Purpose You will write a program during this assignment that displays a brief message when it is run. It will help you become familiar with the LRC Labs and the Visual Studio software used in EE312. You must complete this first assignment in the LRC Labs (5 th floor of ENS or in the ACA trailer). Before You Begin Tools and Software Learning Resource Center (LRC) — you will need an LRC account before you can use the lab computers. Your LRC account can be used in the LRC computer labs, for checking your ECE email account, and for using certain ECE Linux computers remotely. If you do not have one, obtain the user name and password for your LRC Lab account at the User Assistant's desk. Have paper and pencil ready. Swipe your student ID through the device on the PC near the User Assistant's desk, type in your social security number, and write down the user name and password displayed. If you cannot get an account for whatever reason, check with a TA. Never share your account information with anyone else. You are responsible for actions taken on a computer using this account. — for writing and running computer programs. It is installed in the LRC labs and assistance with it is provided by the TAs. You may use any other software that will enable you to write and execute C programs at home, but you will be mostly on your own. Remember it’s the LRC software configuration that will be used for grading EE312 assignments ( Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 [used in the standard C mode] ). Assignment Manager (Blackboard
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2010 for the course EE 16005 taught by Professor Krasner during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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assign1 - Assignment 1: Introduction to the LRC Lab, Visual...

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