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Assignment 3: Fun with Primes EE312 – The University of Texas at Austin – Spring 2010 Page 1 of 3 Assigned: Friday, Feb 12 th Design Due: On Friday, Feb. 19 th , at the beginning of your recitation Program Due: Thursday, Feb. 25 th , before 11:59PM Total Value: 20 points total (see Deliverables below for details). Purpose Learning how to design your program before coding Learning how to write and use functions in your programs Learning about array manipulation Learn how to follow the C coding standards Background The Sieve of Eratosthenes is a simple, ancient algorithm for finding all the prime numbers up to a specified integer. It was created by Eratosthenes (in 276 BC - 194 BC), a Greek mathematician, geographer and astronomer. For more information see Wikipedia - Deliverables - There are both design (3 points) and code (17 points) deliverables for this assignment. The design portion requires that you produce these three items on paper: 1. IPO diagram that identifies at a high level: the inputs to the program, the outputs from the program, and the general operations performed by the program. 2. Functional Block diagram identifying the main program and all subfunctions (including library functions), showing who calls who, and what data is passed to and from each (2 points) 3. Flow chart or pseudocode of your program’s main logic - 1 page should be sufficient detail. Proper notation is required in either case. Turn these in to your TA at recitation, with your name and unique section number written clearly
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assign3 - Assignment3:FunwithPrimes

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