Anglos and Mexicans in the Struggle for Conquest

Anglos and Mexicans in the Struggle for Conquest -...

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February 6, 2010 Paul Gonzales Word Count: 1204 HIS 314K Session: 39271 Anglos and Mexicans in the Struggle for Conquest Conquest, political exclusivity, and the upheaval of prime racism and segregation through socialization created a society that could not function appropriately in a growing industrial region. I argue that a collaboration of these three themes provoked the eventual fall of Texas economy to Anglo control and caused underlying motivation for Mexican resistance from 1830-1910. The Texas region was once portrayed as being inhabited by indigenous peoples as seen on the cover of the 1972 copy of Occupied America. It was not until Anglo immigrants in this region attained the ideology of “manifest destiny” that they began to see the true potential of Texas in the 1830’s. 1 Competition for trade from southern Texas into northern Mexico began to sky rise in the 1840’s and the border became center for conflict. 2 Adding to the clash, disagreements between Anglos and Mexicans for ownership of forts in Texas brought numerous battles. In December of 1835, “Texas Rebels” defeated General Martin Perfecto de Cos in San Antonio who first began to annex small parts of Texas, and set the stage for the well-known battle of the Alamo. 3 In 1836 the battle at the Alamo proceeded, and new political and social authority was brought to San Antonio. 4 Anglo merchants 1  Holly B. Brear, “Ancestors and Descendants”,  Inherit the Alamo: Myth and Ritual at an American Shrine  (Austin: University of  Texas Press, 1995), 2 2  Rodolfo Acuna, “Remember the Alamo: The Colonization of Texas”,  Occupied America: A History of Chicanos , Fifth Edition (New  York: Pearson Longman, 2004), 63 3  Holly B. Brear, 7 4  Holly B. Brear, 7 1
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began to monopolize the region as their political and social integration began to rise. When the wake of railroad expansion in Texas began, mass emigration occurred from Mexico to Texas, and agriculture grew from subsistence farming to cash crop farming. 5 This demand increased the need for more arable land. Acquisition of land occurred as a result of Anglos using lawyer’s to help them manipulate the government so that Mexican shares of land could easily become annexed.
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Anglos and Mexicans in the Struggle for Conquest -...

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