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Beyond the Latino - Paul Gonzales H IS314K 39271 Beyond the...

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Paul Gonzales HIS314K 39271 Beyond the Latino, World War II Hero, The Social and Political Legacy of a Generation From the title of the book, we can immediately determine the message of this novel; there were other heroes in WWII besides the Caucasian. As integrated into the title, social and political affiliation and assimilation occurred during this period in which Mexicans played a larger role than predicted. As active military men and women proved that there was more to being Latino, and they set the bar higher than ever before by making contributions to the WWII effort in order to claim rights for Mexican citizens in America. Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez from the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin opened this book signing and reading event by first introducing herself and her co-editors. She then proceeded to introduce Mary Murio, Gloria Moreno, and Orona Orozco. These were, as she claimed, war veterans and nurses who had first hand experience in WWII and took an active part in forming a baseline for this text by offering their stories about Latino life in the war. Doctor Rodriguez claimed that this is the first novel
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Paul Gonzales HIS314K 39271
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