Lab 2 Analysis - Paul Gonzales Lab Session: 49540 BIO206L...

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Paul Gonzales Lab Session: 49540 BIO206L Lab 2 1) a) It has a built in illuminator b) Binocular microscope c) Adjustments of the field diaphragm allow more or less of the light passing through the organism to show. d) By adjusting the aperture diaphragm the contrast will increase and the focus of the microscope will be more-so on the organism making the image sharper. e) The “field of view” decreases as magnification increases as a smaller portion of organisms is viewable. You should always use a lower power magnification to locate an organism first, because larger magnifications are harder to find organisms with since there is “more” area to cover. f) The “depth” of focus decreases as magnification increases. g) Lens Paper is used to clean optical surfaces of microscopes, because regular tissue may scratch and damage the lenses. 2) a) Magnification, contrast, and resolution are the three major issues of the light microscope. b) Kohler illumination: -Close the field diaphragm -Adjust height of condenser until edge of area of light seen around 12-sided polygon becomes clear -Open the field diaphragm c) Proper condenser alignment and focusing for Kohler illumination is necessary in order to get the best quality images of microscopic organisms so you can easily identify structures and organisms from one another.
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Lab 2 Analysis - Paul Gonzales Lab Session: 49540 BIO206L...

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