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Birth – Trauma or Transition – more transitional -High levels of fight or flight hormones in: -The mother while giving birth -A person engaging in strenuous exercise - A person having a heart attack -A baby being born -Elective Cesarean section: babies do not experience surge of hormones -Suggests hormonal surge triggered by contractions -More breathing problems -Emergency C sections do have hormonal surge Stages of Labor -Fetus’s brain signals release of hormones that trigger uterine contractions -Process not full understood
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Unformatted text preview: Stage 1 – Contractions, Dilation-Phase 1: early (latent) labor, -Phase 2: Active labor – contractions getting longer and stronger – usually in birth – 7cm dialated-Phase 3: Transitional (advanced) labor – 10 cm diameter, 60-90 second contractions Stage 2: Delivering the baby-Now you can help get the baby out-2 steps forward, 1 step back in pushing Stage 3: Delivering the placenta-The hard work is over-Placenta provided bed and board for baby – now it’s the end of an era...
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