Prenatal development

Prenatal development - iv Pedigree-sensitive-certain genes...

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Prenatal development 1. Prenatal testing a. Amniocentesis i. Increased risk of miscarriage ii. Cells get cultured, takes 2 weeks iii. Can test for down syndrome and other genetic disorders iv. .5-1% risk of miscarriage b. Chorionic Villi i. Can be performed during 8-10 weeks ii. Takes small sample of flesh around sack iii. 1-3% miscarriage chance c. Alpha-fetoprotein screening i. Triple screen (AFP, hCG, estriol) ii. Tests mothers blood iii. Up to 25% false positive 1. Followed up by additional tests d. Ultrasound i. No risk ii. Test for programs in growth iii. Test the sex of baby 2. Genetics and social issues a. Genetic information is: i. Personal ii. Powerful iii. Potentially predictive
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Pedigree-sensitive-certain genes show up in certain groups v. Permanent vi. Prejudicial 3. Prenatal – babies develop head – feet, head end develops faster. Hands before feet a. 4 weeks, head grows big b. 5 weeks – doubled length in 1 week 4. Teratogens a. Environmental agents that can affect the developing embryo or fetus b. There are no absolute teratogens c. Dose and timing are important d. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, hard drugs, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, air pollution, viruses, herbs...
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Prenatal development - iv Pedigree-sensitive-certain genes...

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