Seven Assumptions of Lifespan Developmentalists

Seven Assumptions of Lifespan Developmentalists - or social...

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Seven Assumptions of Lifespan Developmentalists Development is a lifelong process Development is multidirectional, people develop in different ways Development is highly plastic within an individual Development involves both gains and losses Development is shaped by historical/cultural context Development is multiply influences – 3 things that influence us as we age, normative, or non-normative -Normative age graded influences – influences as a result of age: may be biological
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Unformatted text preview: or social. Ex, puberty or driving-Normative history graded influences – events commonly experienced by the majority of the culture: ex. The great depression, 9/11-Nonnormative influences – events experienced by an individual but not the population as a whole… ex. Asthema, childs parents being divorced Understanding development takes multiple disciplines...
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