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1) "Just do it." (ad for Nike) – This ad appeals to how determined people are to reach goals. Many people are held back by fears of risk. This ad says take a chance, go for it. I was being lazy and didn’t want to do the reading for this assignment, and my mind said “Just Do It!!” and that is what I am doing right now. =) 2) "Have it your way." (slogan for Burger King) – This ad takes a personal approach to fast food; it makes an individual feel like they are ordering from a menu that can be changed to meet their needs as an individual. 3) "Think different." (ad for Apple Computers) – This ad appeals to consumers by saying, “You are unique, and you do not have to think like everyone else”. Apple is implying that people that think differently should try Apple, and be individualistic. 4) "Reach out and touch someone" (ad for AT&T) – This sentence says that an AT&T cell phone isn’t just a phone, it is a way to be in touch with people and that you can reach out
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Unformatted text preview: and touch someone with your words with their service. Bumper Sticker I found a bumper sticker online that said “I have good brakes, I hope you have good insurance” This is hilarious, tailgating is a major problem and it is extremely annoying when someone follows super close behind you while driving. The message of this bumper sticker is don’t follow me too closely. It definitely makes an emotional appeal because I would be deterred from following that car closely. The other humorous bumper sticker I found said “Clear the road, I’m 16” This bumper sticker uses humor to talk about how bad 16 year old drivers are, and warns readers to stay clear because I am a horrible driver. This definitely makes an emotional appeal because I would likely be a more careful around the car with that bumper sticker....
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