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1. Oprah Winfrey – Oprah is known as probably the most influential woman in the world, she is known for the difference she makes in people’s lives and all the charity work she has done. She is also always up to date on looking the best. Two places where using Oprah as an endorsement could be very successful is a charity or cosmetics line. But she would not do very good advertising a workout program or special diet due to her consistent weight problems. 2. Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen is a very successful actor and comedian that has earned many awards. But the thing Ellen is very well known for is that she is a very key leader in the homosexual movement, she pronounced that she was a lesbian on Oprah’s show in 1997. Ellen DeGeneres would be great at endorsing products aimed towards homosexual men or women, but would not be very good at advertising fast food.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Michael Phelps Michael is a phenomenal Olympic swimmer, and is very looked up to. He would do great advertising for swimwear, workout programs, and special diets. Although he would not be able to promote DARE or anti-drug use programs because he got caught smoking marijuana . Page 77. Would you want your kids to be left in this womans care? http://www.nofenders.net/uploaded_images/Britney-Spears-715166.jpg Britney Spears is a very famous woman. She has released many top hits as a singer, but has shown some very impulsive dangerous behavior over the years. At one point she has been driven crazy to the point where she shaved her own hair off, and lost her kids due to irresponsible decisions. It seems that she has tried to recover her image and return back to her pop star life, but she will never fully undue the damage done to her image....
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