HW5 - Response to Why I Hate Brittney by Nisey Williams In Nisey Williams “Why I hate Brittney Williams brings up some very valid points about

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Unformatted text preview: Response to Why I Hate Brittney by Nisey Williams. In Nisey Williams “Why I hate Brittney, Williams brings up some very valid points about girls in today’s society, her essay is very well written and extremely influencial It is impossible to go to a high school without noticing the provocative clothes teenage woman are wearing. Williams brings up that Brittney Spears is to blame, and all other similar pop culture “diva’s”. If one watches MTV for 5 minutes, they are sure to see woman dressed in a way that shows off sexy legs, butts, and huge boobs. Young girls can see the lives that all these “diva’s” live through music videos, and start to look up to them. This is causing a mass pandemic where the pop culture is making young girls dress skanky and provoke sex. Young girls see all the way all the girls around them are dressing and try to mimic them to fit in. I can agree with Nisey Williams about the fact that stores are targeting these young girls, and that it is becoming harder and...
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