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Political earmarking should be banned and clean elections should be held Reasons: lately when a huge spending bill comes out in congress to be discussed, many of our political leaders get greedy and decide to vote no on the bill unless their state gets a favor. The biggest bill that used this “earmarking was the stimulus bill. Hundreds of extra little things were added into the bill rewarding money to states that didn’t really need to be spending that money. This results in higher deficit spending and helps to destroy our countries debt even faster. Political leaders have many curruptions. One of those is doing whatever it takes to get reelected to office. These people through away millions of dollars to win over people votes, they start projects and make promises in exchange for votes. This makes
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Unformatted text preview: it very unfair for those that don’t have the ability to spend lots of money on an election as they always end up with fewer votes. Candidates should be put off the ballot if they use bribery and propaganda to get in office. We live in a democracy where we fight for equal rights. Where are those equal rights going if certain people have advantages over other people that they could never have. Students should be told that politicians that promise money for their projects are corrupt and trying to bribe. All politicians should be put in office based on their character, not the size of their wallets...
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