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week one homework

week one homework - food-The cover on a science fiction...

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Thomas Gyles Question 1 There are lots of arguments that can be found in the list given: -The embossed leather cover of a prayer book might argue that that book itself is more important than every other book without a leather embossed cover. -A Boston Red Sox cap argues that the wearer supports that team over other baseball teams. - A Livestrong bracelet argues that people should support the fight against cancer. -The health warning on cigarettes argues that the individual should have some concern about the health risks they are exposing them self to. -A belated birthday card argues that it should be recognized that it is that person’s birthday. -The nutrition label on food argues about being aware of what is going into your body when you eat that
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Unformatted text preview: food-The cover on a science fiction novel argues that someone interested in science fiction should read this particular book-A colored ribbon pinned to a shirt (ex. Pink ribbon) argues about supporting the fight against breast cancer-A Rolex watch argues that the individual wearing this watch is very well of financially, and possibly a very important person Question 5 I picked an article written by Kyle Patton entitled “State, university officials considering new tuition increase” In the State Press. This article interests me because the news directly impacts my education. The writer uses ethos in the way that he was purely using quotes from the Governor and the issues talked about would affect every student at ASU...
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