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Partial Income Statement Sales Less Cost Of Goods Sold: Beginning Inventory $400,000 Add: Cost of Goods Manufactured 700,000 Total: Goods Available for Sale 1,100,000 Less: Ending Inventory 250,000 Cost of Goods Sold $ 850,000 Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule Raw Materials: Beginning raw materials inv. $ 30,000 Add: Raw materials purchased 150,000 Total: raw materials available
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Unformatted text preview: $180,000 Less: Ending raw materials inv. 20,000 Raw materials used in production $ 160,000 Direct labor 220,000 Applied manufacturing overhead 330,000 Total manufacturing costs $ 710,000 Add: Beginning work-in-process 25,000 Less: Ending work-in-process 35,000 Cost of goods manufactured $ 700,000...
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