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2nd_writing_assignment - where the sexes are expected to...

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Anth 151T: Evolutionary Psychology Second writing assignment Due in class (no email submission) on Tuesday, March 9 1. Across mammals in general, reproductive success is limited by different factors in males and females. Explain what this means. To what extent is this also true in humans? 2. What consequences does this difference have for the reproductive strategies of the two sexes? 3. Considering the two things that you can get from a mate, identify one domain
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Unformatted text preview: where the sexes are expected to choose mates by similar criteria and one where they are expected to have different criteria. 4. For each, explain the evolutionary basis for your predictions (i.e., Why would the sexes evolve these similar or different preferences?). 5. Discuss the relative roles of A) mate choice and B) mating contests in shaping the psychological traits of women and men....
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