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FOREWORD Composites have emerged as a valuable class of engineering materials because they offer many attributes not attainable with other materials. Light weight, coupled with high stiffness, and selectable properties have fos- tered their use for many years in satellites, high performance aircraft and world class sail- boats as well as submarines. Now, these materials demonstrate their worth in the mun- dane, but equally as demanding, consumer, infrastructure, and sporting goods arenas. However, the transition to many of these con- sumer and infrastructure-related arenas has been slow, primarily due to the lack of under- standing, the lack of validated data, absence of design allowables, lack of clear guidelines, limited hands-on experience, low confidence and less than optimum supplier data sheets. It is hoped that this book, crafted by well known contributors, pre-eminent in their field, mem- bers of international universities, industrial research organizations, and government labs
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