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40207_pref - and ceramic matrix composites The book treats...

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PREFACE Today, fiber reinforced composites are in use in a variety of structures, ranging from space- craft and aircraft to buildings and bridges. This wide use of composites has been facili- tated by the introduction of new materials, improvements in manufacturing processes and developments of new analytical and test- ing methods. Unfortunately, information on these topics is scattered in journal articles, in conference and symposium proceedings, in workshop notes, and in government and com- pany reports. This proliferation of the source material, coupled with the fact that some of the relevant publications are hard to find or are restricted, makes it difficult to identify and obtain the up-to-date knowledge needed to utilize composites to their full advantage. This book intends to overcome these diffi- culties by presenting, in a single volume, many of the recent advances in the field of composite materials. The main focus of this book is on polymeric matrix, metal matrix,
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Unformatted text preview: and ceramic matrix composites. The book treats a wide range of subjects. The topics, pre- sented in 49 chapters and two appendices include: 0 overview of composite material systems and products; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 properties of different component (fiber, matrix, filler) materials; manufacturing techniques; analysis and design; testing; mechanically fastened and bonded joints; repair; damage tolerance; environmental effects; health, safety, reuse, and disposal; applications in: aircraft and spacecraft; land transportation; marine environments; biotechnology; construction and infrastructure; sporting goods. Each chapter, written by a recognized expert, is self-contained, and contains many of the 'state-of-the-art' techniques required for prac- tical applications of composites. Thus, this book should serve as a useful source of infor- mation for practicing engineers and spets, as well as for workers new to this field. George S. Springer...
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