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ENVS 25: Political Economy and the Environment – Winter 2010 Instructor : James Barsimantov 459 Natural Sciences II Office Hrs : Tu. 10-12, Th. 10-11 or by appt. Teaching Assistant: Tiffany Wise-West 487 Natural Sciences II Office Hrs: Weds 9-10:45 or by appt. COURSE DESCRIPTION Environmental issues are situated within political and economic systems. This course introduces some of the key concepts of politics and economics through the examination of environmental issues, their social and political perceptions, and institutional responses. Each topic addressed will be embedded within one or more case-study and thematic investigations focusing on population, poverty, conservation, fair trade, energy, and international policy-making. Because this is a large lecture class, it will inherently be challenging to keep pace with the reading and lecture schedule. For success in the course, it is critically important that course participants are prepared to do a considerable amount of work outside of class. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Overview This is a required lower division course for the ENVS major. It is important that everyone stays up to date on the readings so there can be meaningfully participate in the class discussions and to be able to perform well on quizzes. All readings should be completed before the class for which they are assigned. Pop Quizzes (10 times during the session, 4 pts each): 40 pts Midterm Exam: 20 pts Final Exam: 40 pts ----------------- Total: 100 points Important Dates: Midterm Examination: February 4 (no discussion section meeting) Final Examination: March 18
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ENVS 25 – Political Economy and the Environment – Winter 2010 – Barsimantov Quizzes 10 pop quizzes will be given during the quarter. They will be administered through WebCT and will be multiple choice, matching, or calculation questions based on the day’s lecture and readings. They will all be due by 12 midnight the day they are assigned in class. There will be no make-up quizzes under any circumstances , but your lowest score will be dropped. Exams The examinations will be closed-book, no-note scantron-based exams. Dates and times for the examinations are final; there will be no make-ups or alternate dates. The final exam will be cumulative in the sense that it builds from concepts and foundations discussed in the first portion of the course. The content for these examinations will come from lectures as well as required readings.
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Syllabus_ENVS25_Winter_2010_final-1 - ENVS 25 Political...

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