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syllabus econ 2100 spring 2009 - Georgia Institute of...

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Georgia Institute of Technology Department of Economics Syllabus, Econ 2100-C “Economics and Policy” (CRN) #20733 Semester: Spring 2009 Meeting Time, Place: TTH 9:30am to 10:45am Instructional Center IC103 Instructor: Professor Brian Hunt (PTI) Office: Old Civil Engineering Building (Bobby Dodd Way); Dept of Economics, Room 307 Office Hours: Tues and Thurs 12-2pm and by appointment Office Phone: (cell) 678-637-7197 Email Address: [email protected] Prerequisite: None. Course Description: Practice in analysis of decision problems of relevance to students in public policy and personal decision areas. Issues relating to individual decisions to produce, consume, invest, and trade will be explored. Analytical approaches will enable students to use and incorporate basic elements of micro- and macro-economic analysis and to appreciate issues regarding testing and measurements.Students can receive credit for either ECON 2100 or ECON 2101, or for ECON 2105/2106.Students cannot receive credit for ECON 2100 and ECON 2101 or for ECON 2100 and ECON 2105/2106 or for ECON 2101 and ECON 2105/2106. Text/Materials: Essentials of Economics , by Krugman, Wells, and Olney [ISBN: 0-7167-5879-2] is required. The textbook website is . Access to a computer and the internet is required – there are many computer labs available on campus. Textbook can be purchased at the Engineering bookstore and the GT Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. Iclickers for the course should be packaged with the text at no additional charge to the student. All course content (ppts, study guides, practice exams) will be made available on Buzzport and Tsquare. All grades for assessments will be posted on Tsquare Aplia: We will be using an online homework program this semester called Aplia. See student registration instructions at the end of this syllabus. Use of Aplia this semester is free of charge to you (if you purchase a new textbook) . There are assignments due each week – see the Aplia website for the deadlines. Weekly Aplia assignments will begin on January 12 th , 2009. You must be registered (and paid) for this course on Aplia by January 12 th 2009. All assigned problem sets on APLIA will be 10% of the course grade.  Weekly deadlines  will be posted on the site.  See last page of syllabus of how you will sign up for my  course on APLIA. Get registered right away and begin working on the math review for the  course.  You have practice problem sets and graded problem sets to be completed on  APLIA.  Students will also be able to use Aplia to track their Academic Progress in the  Course.  IMPORTANT:  Aplia assignments close out on Sunday evenings at 11:45pm.  You cannot go back and make-up practice or graded assignments you miss.  So manage  1
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your time weekly appropriately to ensure you complete all weekly Aplia assignments.  As 
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syllabus econ 2100 spring 2009 - Georgia Institute of...

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