02 - 1-11Successful implementation of the leango al in t he...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-11Successful implementation of the leango al in t he analyz e s tag e i s t o id enti f y th e r ootthinking model should result in lower invento-causes of the problems identified in the measureries, fewer defects, less wasted effort, andstage. The goal in the improve stage is to devel-qu icker cu stomer response times.op , eval uat e, and im pl emen t s ol ut io ns to th eproblems. The goals in the control stage are to1-12In a pull production system, productionensure the problems remain fixed and to seek t ois not initiated until a customer order is re-improve the new methods over time.ceived. Inventories are reduced to a minimumby purchasing raw materials and producing1-16An enterprise system is supposed toproducts only as needed to meet customer de-overcome the problems that result from havingma nd.separ ate, un in tegr at ed s of tw ar e appl i c ati onst hat su pport specific business functions. It does1-13Some benefits fro m im provem ent effortst hi s by i nt egr ati ng dat a across an organization in...
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