pa3 - CSE 130 Programming Assignment#3 Ocaml 100 points...

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CSE 130 - Programming Assignment #3 Ocaml 100 points Must be turned in no later than 4:59:59 PM on 11/9/2007 (see submission instructions below ) (click your browser's refresh button to ensure that you have the most recent version) Note: See this for instructions on starting OCaml in the ACS lab machines. To download and install OCaml version 3.10.03 on your home machines see the instructions here . Remember that this is only to enable you to play with the assignment at home: the final version turned in must work on the ACS Linux machines. Note: While you can use windows to begin working with OCaml, the code you turn in must be that required for the ACS Linux environment. Integrity of Scholarship University rules on integrity of scholarship will be strictly enforced. By completing this assignment, you implicitly agree to abide by the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship described beginning on page 62 of the Academic Regulations section ( PDF ) of the 2002-2003 General Catalog, in particular, "all academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind." You are expected to do your own work on this assignment; there are no group projects in this course. You may (and are encouraged to) engage in general discussions with your classmates regarding the assignment, but specific details of a solution, including the solution itself, must always be your own work. Incidents that violate the University's rules on integrity of scholarship will be taken seriously: In addition to receiving a zero (0) on the assignment, students may also face other penalties, up to and including, expulsion from the University. Should you have any doubt about the moral and/or ethical implications of an activity associated with the completion of this assignment, please see the instructors. Code Documentation and General Requirements Code for all programming assignments should be well documented . A working program with no comments will receive only partial credit . Documentation entails writing a description of each function/method, class/ structure, as well as comments throughout the code to explain the program logic. Comments in Ocaml/NJ are enclosed within (* *), and may be nested. It is understood that some of the exercises in this programming assignment require extremely little code and will not require extensive comments. While few programming assignments pretend to mimic the "real" world, they may, nevertheless, contain some of the ambiguity that exists outside the classroom. If, for example, an assignment is amenable to
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differing interpretations, such that more than one algorithm may implement a correct solution to the assignment, it is incumbent upon the programmer to document not only the functionality of the algorithm (and more broadly his/her interpretation of the program requirements), but to articulate clearly the reasoning behind a particular choice of solution. Assignment Overview
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pa3 - CSE 130 Programming Assignment#3 Ocaml 100 points...

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