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Class Project - Emotional Scenarios

Class Project - Emotional Scenarios - Class Project Emotion...

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Class Project – Emotion Scenarios Anth 1006 People often experience a complex mix of emotions in different situations. For example, if a close friend were to win a prize you were also competing for, you might feel pride in your friend’s accomplishment, happiness for him, sadness and disappointment in your own loss, and inadequacy that you were not as successful as your friend. Similarly, the friend would feel another complex mix of emotions in out-competing you for the prize. For each of the scenarios below, we would like you to list ALL the emotions that each person in the scenarios would feel in the situation, using the numbers from the list of emotions given below. For example, if a person would feel both angry (X) and sad (Y), you would enter X, Y. If a person could feel two different ways depending on what kind of person s/he was, list the emotions for both ways. A. After taking an exam, two friends, Mike and Tom, discuss their scores. Despite spending weeks preparing for the exam, Mike failed. Tom passed the exam and admits to Mike that he cheated. This is overheard by their professor, Dr. Williams. 1. Mike _______________________________________________________ 2. Tom _______________________________________________________ 3. Dr. Williams _______________________________________________________ B. Jim is a doctor who was responsible for amputating the leg of his patient, Mark. However, Jim accidentally amputated the wrong leg. Although it was Jim’s fault, Jim denies that it was his fault and blames the mistake on his intern, Monica. 4. Jim _______________________________________________________ 5. Mark _______________________________________________________ 6. Monica _______________________________________________________ C. Evelyn receives news that her boyfriend, Josh, who is a pilot in the air force, has just been shot down from his helicopter while fighting in Iraq and disappeared without a trace. She is consoled by her friend Jack, who was Josh’s best friend. After some months, Evelyn and Jack fall in love and decide to get engaged. Shortly after, Evelyn receives a call telling her that Josh is actually alive and will be home in just a few days. Upon Josh’s return, Evelyn and Jack meet with Josh and tell him their news. 7. Evelyn _______________________________________________________ 8. Josh _______________________________________________________ 9. Jack _______________________________________________________ D. Sally falls in love with her college math teacher, Dr. Johnson. Within a few months, the two begin a secret, romantic relationship. On one afternoon after class, when Sally is 1
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speaking with Dr. Johnson, Sally’s best friend, Jennifer, confronts them. Jennifer says that she will expose their affair unless Dr. Johnson gives her an ‘A’.
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  • Anthropology, Dr. Johnson, _______________________________________________________ H. John, _______________________________________________________ O. John, mom _______________________________________________________ N.

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