Midterm - Problems with the concept of race (week 4),...

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Midterm ~100 Multiple Choice R and K selection chart (week 2), Jarmen-Bell Principle (week 2) Social organizations and Mating Systems of Great Apes (week 3), Sex as Social Glue (week 3) Prosimians, NWM, OWM, Tarsier (week 4), Common name and genus (week 4), [period of increase in brain size (week 4), Homo and Australopithecus diagram (week 4),
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Unformatted text preview: Problems with the concept of race (week 4), Sickle cell disease (week 4),Mitochondrial DNA – (we’re all Africans) (week 4), Nuclear DNA – we mate with our neighbors (week 4) • Timeline (week 5), Plant and Animal Domestication – different areas, no dates (week 5), Variation in Food-Getting and Associated Features (week 5)...
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