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Input/Output Hardware CSE 210W Student’s Notes This assignment is to give you hands-on experience with circuit boards, switches, resistors, LEDs, and chips. There is no design involved but skill of building according to lab instructions. We assume that you have a basic knowledge of Ohm’s Law and how it applies to simple passive circuits. However, if you are not familiar with the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance, you should not worry in this lab. The electrical circuitry side of what we are doing will become easier once you have tried a few things. The idea here is to get the input circuits and output circuits completed now so that you can concentrate on your logic design and circuit building later. Since this is likely to be the first time that you have attempted to construct a circuit, you need to learn how to cut and strip wires without cutting yourself. You also need to learn how to insert and extract wires and components and to show you how to remove chips. You should also have a piece of styrofoam on which to store your chips to prevent breaking the pins. Ask if you do not have a piece. Prerequisites To complete this lab assignment, you do not need to design logic circuits. Hardware You will need the following hardware components. a protoboard with the following components : DIL 8-switch package 1 K-Ohm SIP resistor 330 Ohm SIP resistor SN7405 open-collector Hex Inverter 6 LEDs 22-gauge wire of different colors a pair of fine-nosed pliers, a pair of wire-cutters, and a logic probe. 1
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Objective The purpose of this lab is to set up the switch circuitry and LED network to allow you to input logic signals easily to your circuits during the coming semester and to observe a number of output signals simultaneously. You will also be introduced to a number of electronic and logic components including a Dual In Line (DIL) switch block, Single In-line Package (SIP) resistors, an open-collector gate, and LEDs. Background
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lab_iohardware - Input/Output Hardware CSE 210W Students...

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