lab_logicrep - Logical Representation CSE210W Students...

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Unformatted text preview: Logical Representation CSE210W Students Notes Purpose One of the purposes of this lab assignment is to get you started on building protoboard circuits from circuit designs on paper. You need to read a diagram and translate the symbols into real components and interconnections. You will also learn to measure and analyze different outputs as a result of input changes. Then you will present the results in the form of a truth table and waveforms. Another purpose of this assignment is to let you practice on logic expression reduction. This is not a difficult process in this lab, but generally there is a large element of art in it. Objectives Following the construction of the input/output circuit, you will develope skills to 1) construct a logic circuit for a diagram, 2) test it exhaustively, and 3) document the results. You will also learn how to write logic expressions from a diagram and reduce it with the theorems you have learned. Translation from circuit diagrams to logic expressions and vice versa is part of both analysis and design. Background All of the logic elements that you are using at this stage are simple gates that are fundamental to the implementation of logic functions. To troubleshoot or debug a circuit that is not operating asthe implementation of logic functions....
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lab_logicrep - Logical Representation CSE210W Students...

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