28 - BioNB 10/28/09 Game Theory: Modeling Conflict and...

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BioNB 10/28/09 Game Theory: Modeling Conflict and Cooperation - speckled wood male butterflies typically occupy sunspot territory on forrest floor - patrol and protect. b/c females use them to navigate through forest. Valuable to males so they can intercept females. - Sometimes butterfly comes from canopy - spiral fight – whirls around – no actual physical contact - intruder usually leaves - experiment: - captured territory owner and allowed intruder to come down into sunspot. Then allowed original territory owner to come back. But intruder/new owner always one. - 2 questions - Why is there no physical contact, and why does owner always win? Game theory - the goal of every scientific discipline is to describe, predict, and explane phenomena with the aid of theoretical models that picture the essential relationships between these phenomena and their causes. Virtues of Mathematical models: - force one to be explicit about assumptions (why we see certain behaviors) - allows analysis of complex causal networks - generate precise, quantitative predictions Evolutionary Game Theory - a mathematical apparatus for predicting the combinations of social behaviors that should be exhibited by interacting organisms as the result of natural selections (how often it works) - organisms are pictured as players in games with the payoffs of the game being units of (inclusive) fitness - especially useful when behavioral strategies have frequency-dependent fitness - spread of strategy : fitness depends on frequency of behavior
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28 - BioNB 10/28/09 Game Theory: Modeling Conflict and...

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