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BionB Lecture 10/16/09 Causes → Behavior –> Consequences Consequences of behavioral evolution I. Behavioral evolution and the origin of species A. The sexual selection model B. The reinforcement model Basic Model: Evolution of sexual signaling → Reduction in gene flow → Reproductive isolation Speciation by ??? - number of mechanisms that could be responsible for the process above. Darwin quote - organisms may evolve in many different ways, and they are checked more by mechanism that drives it – female choice: can be variable - geographic isolation - islands: formed by process illustrated in diagram - hotspot in earth's mantle, and as hot spot moves from southeast to northwest, volcanic eruptions occur and form massive volcanos; pacific plate moves northwest and as it moves, volcanic masses move with it and island masses are formed in a chain - Subfamily Trigonidiinae (swordtail crickets) - before 1994: 10 species formally recognized - after 1994: 171 species formally recognized - hawaii
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bionblecture1016 - BionB Lecture Causes Behavior >...

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