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drugsandsociety outline

drugsandsociety outline - PART II AGENCY AND STRUCTURE...

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P ART II: A GENCY AND S TRUCTURE Wednesday, February 25 – Microsociology and Social Action Selections from “Basic Sociological Terms,” Weber (in Course Packet) Friday, February 27 – Section meetings “Sense and Nonsense about Surveys,” Schuman (42-47 in Sociological Odyssey) Monday, March 2 – Social Exchange Theory Selections from Social Exchange Theory: The Two Traditions, Ekeh (in Course Packet) “Social Exchange Theories and Sexuality,” Sprecher (in Course Packet) Wednesday, March 4 – Social Control and Deviance No assigned readings. Friday, March 6 – Section meetings “Crack Dealers and Restrictive Deterrence: Identifying Narcs,” Jacobs (in Course Packet) “Becoming a Marijuana User,” Becker (in Course Packet) ****essay focus!!! Monday, March 9 – Collective Behavior I: Crowds and Disasters “Panic at ‘The Who Concert Stampede’: An Empirical Assessment,” Johnson (on Blackboard). Wednesday, March 11 – Collective Behavior No assigned readings. Video in class: “Zoot Suit Riots.”
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