lecture 20 ns part 2

lecture 20 ns part 2 - Lecture 20 Part II IV...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 20: Part II IV. Underconsumption- levitsky: performed study: see effect not eating breakfast would have on total energy intake- literature: says don't skip breakfast: you get hungry later, then you will overat and consume greater amount of calories than if you had eaten breakfast- in study: measured and weighed everything the subjects ate - provided subjects with breakfast, lunch, snack 1, dinner, and snack 2 – some had breakfast and others did not- Breakfast Eaters and Non-breakfast eaters- those people who usually eat breakfast: starving- those who don't normally felt “loaded down” and barely could eat anything rest of the day- doesn't make a difference- lunch – if you don't eat breakfast – you eat more- but by the time you eat an afternoon snack, dinner, snack 2 – no sig diff in amount a breakfast eater vs. nonbreakfast eater ate- breakfast vs. non-breakfast: 130 more calories consumed at lunch by non-breakfast eaters- another study: whether or not you eat more at a subsequent meal when you don't eat a...
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lecture 20 ns part 2 - Lecture 20 Part II IV...

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