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Lecture 20: Environmental Eating I I. Evidence: Biological Theory of Eating - one critical components of Set Point Theory: need some feedback mechanism, but no feedback from fat has been found (leptin not chemical they were looking for) - biological signals – not specific for eating behavior - if this were true – any substance that stimulates eating would stimulate eating behavior but no specific chemical or mechanism exists that stimulates a specific behavior - small yearly energetic error: doesn't mean there is physiological regulation - humans don't respond to food deprivation by eating less nor do they respond to overfeeding by eating less II. Arguments for Biological Theories of Eating - eat tremendous amount of calories, but weight is so stable over long periods of time and people gain ½ pound of weight a year: margin of error of 024% - small error: some biological mechanism is in control - if you can come up with a model: shows stability of weight over long periods of time without biological regulation as a necessary component: would cause damaging blow to
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