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Minimizing Risk of Atherosclerosis - substitute unsaturated fat for saturated fat: decrease circulating LDL and IDL particles in blood - minimize consumption of dietary cholesterol – not 1:1 with production of cholesterol - cholesterol in food highly correlated w/ saturated fat b/c mammals require the lipoproteins to carry their saturated fat - problem (say egg producers) – industries went off the wall when these recommendations were made!! - 60% cholesterol is made by body, decreasing cholesterol intake – increase in cholesterol synthesis BUT it is down regulation : because production is slower than the decrease; proportion is NOT 1:1 - liver cholesterol production: - bile, triglyceride – to small pieces - supply substrates for cholesterol production from food we eat (everything feeding in) - reducing total intake: reduces cholesterol production b/c you require fewer particles that are used for production -minimize consumption of all fat – a lot of the cholesterol that we need are carriers
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