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Lecture 19: Set Point (part I) I. Central Theories of Eating: The brain - in 1930s – discovery made in brain that said manipulation of the hypothalamus (important in glucose control and autonomic nervous system) has a profound effect on eating – 2 structures within it : VMH and LH (ex. Rat had bilateral lesions of ventral hypothalamus – weighed over 1000g , 200g is average for a rat) - Ventral Medial Hypothalamus (VMH): - discrete area toward middle of brain w/ collection of cell bodies and neurons: appears to be “satiety center” - in animals w/ an electrode – VMH can be lesioned → results in overeating and obesity - Stimulation – causes anorexia and wasting (make a hungry animal stop eating by stimulating VMH) - Lateral Hypothalamus (LH) – lateral area of hypothalamus : opposite effects → “feeding center” - Lesions – caused anorexia and wasting : animals don't eat if this area of hypothalamus is removed - stimulations of LH – overeating and obesity - often one of arguments of proponents of biological theory: alterations in LH and VMH – large effects on eating patterns - Other chemicals in Brain: whole series of chemicals that have powerful effects on eating by either stimulating or inhibiting eating - Gordon Kennedy : prof's hero – old scientist working in lab in cambridge, england - changed way we think about eating + weight regulation - simple experiment: changed entire idea about LH (feeding center) or VMH (satiety center) - Experiment: - measured food intake and body weight for baseline values - then electrically zapped (lesioned) VMH in rat – caused rat to begin overeating because
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nslecture19 notes 1 - Lecture 19: Set Point (part I) I....

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