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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 19 Part I VIII. Evidence against Leptin- obese humans: more leptin than non-obese humans- humans reverse of what was found in rats?- Set back because set point theory depends on finding mechanism to signal brain so disproved their finding- leptin concentrations proportional to body fat- huge amount of variability in humans : doubts to whether one pill can be developed to suit everyone- women higher % body fat then men: also higher leptin levels than men (opposite of leptin theory- leptin concentrations increase during pregnancy but intake doesn't decrease- re-feeding after a period of fasting: caused almost immediate return of leptin levels: well before recovery of body fat- abdominal fat mRNA doesn't change after 6-day fast, despite its sensitivity to lypolysis and a 40% reduction in serum leptin- Peritoneal (abdominal fat) very plastic: but seems relatively insensitive to variations in body weight and starvations- starve an animal: leptin production in peritoneal adipose cells doesn't change, but...
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