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Lecture 24: Energy Balance Best Diet Ever: if you don't need it, don't eat it; eat only when you are hungry - can exercise help you lose weight? - Decreases in energy not responsible for obesity epidemic - energy expenditure of humans per unit size same as animals - hunter gatherers do not expend greater energy than contemporary urban dwellers - analysis of control groups that energy expenditure has not decreased for past 40 years using doubly-labeled water -Locomotion related to Body Weight - relationship b/w size and activity level - greater fat composition of animal or human, less locomotor activity - moving large mass – expends more calories but large people move less - sitting and BMI: hours sitting down/week and BMI : positive correlation for both males and females - exercise: not significant in weight loss (statistically) -Problem is expenditure compensation: - exercise : energy expenditure goes up, when you stop it goes way down (even lower) - 200 calories isn't worth it, you make up for it with the drop in metabolic weight - but this is healthy because it's a drop in blood pressure and a drop in stress! -Was all that exercise a waste? - NO! Brain: Neurochemicals - norepinephrine - epinephrine - serotonin - dopamine - *if you exercise, increase in production and degredation of these neurochemicals ; they do not stay static in the brain; the rate of turn over increases as you exercise/become trained – they become much more active - if you take antidepressants – does the same thing (increases neurotransmitters) - so does ECT (electroconvulsive shock therapy) – increase in turn over - Depression: - effect on exercise on feelings of depression: - more intense the depression, the greater the ameliorative effect on depression by
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nslecture24notes - Lecture 24: Energy Balance Best Diet...

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