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Lecture 25 Prescription for Reversing “obesity Epidemic” - eat only when hungry (reduce intake, don't snack but if you do don't compensate at meals) - eat low energy density foods whenever possible (less fat) - skipping a few meals a week is okay - minimize snacking - but if you do go for energy sparse foods (vegetables) - watch portion sizes - push “2 fer 1'ers” in restaurants (doggie bags) - use small meal replacement (pre-packaged) - plot daily body weights - not accurate over day, but over time – you can see the trends (trend line goes up – you're adding tissues, get back to flat curves) - introduce scales in public places - subsidize scales: dorms and dining halls - remove food vending machines - control food advertisements - subsidize nutritious, low fat foods – fruits and vegetables - particularly in poor, urban areas - rewards large people for losing and maintaining weight loss with reduced health insurance premiums What fuel is body using to supply energy?
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