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- 5. Vitamin Supplements - during training, total intake increases : no evidence that vitamin supplements improve performance, additional vitamins isn't needed b/c B vitamins in respiration get recycled 6. Iron - distribution in the body (percent) - hemoglobin (protein in blood that packs oxygen, structure that carries oxygen from respiratory system into rest of body) – 65% of oxygen in body is in hemoglobin - w/o hemoglobin – can't do oxidative phosphorylation - final step oxidative phosphorylation where oxygen has to come in from outside for cytochrome system to continue : iron containing enzyme - myoglobin – 20% - located in muscle cells: redistributing oxygen in muscle cells, taking it to parts that need it - stored – 10% - enzymes- 5% - Iron anemia (low red blood platelets) – most common anemia - low red blood cells - normal hemoglobin =>12g/dl - iron deficiency anemia: <11.5 g/dl - Iron in food - Heme Iron (in meat) – iron packaged, absorbed quickly, in the form that the body uses – maximumly absorbs - non-heme iron: vegetables , not as readily absorbed
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nslecture25notes2 - 5. Vitamin Supplements - during...

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