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Unformatted text preview: --------------Lecture 26: ProteinCan Iron Supplementation be Harmful?1.Malaria Prophylaxis1.“Anemic” people are resistant to malaria2.Iron supplementation increases the incidence of malaria2.Low iron levels kill bacteria (bacteria in malaria requires iron)1.when body is infiltrated w/ bacteria – cytokines release hepcidin from liver2.hepcidin goes to all the places in body where iron is transferred, 1.blocks transfer of iron from transferin to stop iron from being absorbed for defense against bacteria3.areas in world with high iron intake : correlation b/w iron levels and cardiovascular disease1.increased rate of oxidation of LDL by iron 4.Lower blood iron – giving blood – lowers risk of Cardiovascular diseaseOther Anemia'slarge red blood cells: once they mature – give up nucleus (can't divide outside bone marrow)-large megaloblastic anemia cells (don't carry hemoglobin – dysfunctional)-how it happens: in bone marrow – young red blood cells; when they get the signal to divide from kidney, they normally divide-initial division requires vitamin: folate cells -when you don't have enough folate cells : final division doesn't occur, left with macrocyte – big cell but doesn't have the proper machinery-Causes of megablastic anemia: -folic acid deficiency (green leafy vegetables)-B12 deficiency-both also necessary to reverse homocysteine production (which increases atherosclerosis) -Folic Acid Deficiency-Neural tube defect: Spinal Bifida (of fetus)-related to folic deficiency of the mom during late term of pregnancy-B12 necessary for closure of spinal chord, and final developmental effects in keeping tissue inside body; spinal chord not fully developed and left with tissue...
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nslecture26notes - -Lecture 26 ProteinCan Iron...

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