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sociology 101 notes

sociology 101 notes - Sociology 101 notes Microsociology...

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Sociology 101 notes Microsociology and Social Action: Structure vs. Agency Structure- processes +features of society that individuals are exposed to and can therefore affect the individuals in various race (economy, race relations) Agency- intentional, free, independent actions Microsociology → study of social action Some Criticisms of Early Macrosociology: - too abstract + theoretical - relied on methodological holism or collectivism - misleading organasmic analogy → society living organism - oversimplified models of social phenomena, ignored differences - ignored the role of individuals Microsociology - observe individuals, dyads, trials (microstructures)→ how social action works at these levels - adopts methodological individualism → microstructures main objects of study - consider: how individuals affect structure (agency) and vice versa (structure) Social Action (weber reading) - any action that an individual undertakes with OTHER people in mind - not: - behavior oriented toward objects - solitary behavior - non-social physical contact (bumping) - simple imitation Types of Social Action - instrumentally rational : goal oriented; action done with explicit consideration of means and ends - value rational : action taken to adhere to a value system - affectual : stemming from feelings and emotions - traditional – action occurring out of habit, routine, tradition Dyads vs.
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